Monkey Business

by Lois Schmitt

A Kristy Farrell Mystery
Monkey Business is an animal lover’s mystery.

The book delves into the world of endangered species, wildlife smuggling, and the underground trade in exotic...




A Kristy Farrell Cozy Mystery

A zoo with its lions, crocodiles, and snakes is a dangerous place — a perfect place for a murder...

When a local zoo director is murdered by snake venom, wildlife reporter Kristy Farrell takes a personal interest in the case. Her brother, the zoo’s curator in charge of reptiles, is the leading suspect. As Kristy investigates, the trail leads her to a Greenwich Village pet store, a radical animal rights group, and a bizarre...

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  • Sharks

    If the lion is king of the jungle, the shark is king of the seas.  It is estimated that a Great White of 21 feet in size can produce a force of almost 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi) with one bite.  That's 4 times more than a lion's bite. Some shark species are cannibalistic in the womb. The largest Continue Reading

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  • Three Ways to Get Ideas for Mystery Stories

    1  NEWSPAPERS: Not the headlines but the blurbs on back pages--Imagine how these    stories began and how they will end--Hunt for missing child--Fire in a national park--Food poisoning at a restaurant. 2  OBSERVE PEOPLE: Eavesdrop--On a train or plane--At a bar or restaurant--In a doctor's office--By the seaside. 3   YOUR OWN LIFE: Are you a teacher?  What's happening Continue Reading

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    Kristy's husband and daughter are veterinarians. The Farrell household also includes a cat named Owl and two dogs--Brandy, a rescue collie, and Archie, a one hundred pound mixed breed who looks like a small bear. If you are a mystery fan and an animal lover, this series is for you. In my book, Monkey Business, Kristy investigates murder at a local zoo. The trail leads to a Manhattan pet store with a shady past, a radical animal rights group, an art exhibit on Long Island's infamous gold coast, and a bizarre animal auction in the...

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